Brigitte has a wonderful shop in Woolly Lamb Yarn Studio. I fell in love with all the different types of yarn she had the first day I stopped in the shop. She is an extremely friendly and helpful person.

I hadn't touched knitting needles for about 30 years when I took my first lesson with Brigitte. (I was one of the first people to take a beginner knitting class!) She was very patient (unlike my Grandmother who initially taught me!) and helped me remember how to knit, cast on, and actually taught me how to purl.

The shop is like a second home to me and I have made some wonderful friends there. I always feel welcome at Woolly Lamb and can count on having a wonderful time whenever I am there as well as find some new and exciting projects to work on!

-- Colleen I.

When I started coming to Woolly Lamb I did not knit but crocheted.  I learned to knit a long time ago and did not like it.  After taking a class with Brigitte, I discovered that I did like knitting.  Brigitte is an exceptional teacher.  She never loses patience with you and will explain and/or show you how to do a stitch as many times as is necessary until you know it. 

The atmosphere at the shop is one of friendship and congeniality.  I have made many new friends at Woolly Lamb who have enriched my life.  There are very few shops of any kind that the minute you come in you are welcomed by Brigitte and/or my fellow knitters and crocheters.

-- Eleanor, Evanston, IL

Yes, Brigitte did teach me how to knit. But more then that she has brought together a group of women that have become family. I know when I say this that I speak for all of us ‘regulars’ at the studio: we can't wait for Open Knit every Thursday night and we are disappointed when we can't make it or if a holiday falls on Thursday. 

The ladies at the Woolly Lamb are very special and that is all due to Brigitte. We have all come along with our knitting thanks to her guidance but most of all her patience.  I for one cannot thank her enough for all that she has taught me and for coming into my life. 

 -- Gladys M.

The Woolly Lamb was the first LYS (local yarn shop) I’d ever been to when I started knitting a few years ago. The selection of yarns was inspiring back then, and still is today! Brigitte knows yarn, and is always so helpful with her recommendations: I’ve never left with a yarn I didn’t love. Whether I’m buying materials for a specific project or just trying to build up my stash, The Woolly Lamb always has fantastic sales, too, so I never feel guilty about my purchases!

-- Tracy, Chicago

… The front room of the studio is sunny and bright from the wide windows. Samples hang everywhere. There was a great selection of yarn, accessories and books. A cozy-looking couch invites you to grab some knitting and sit for awhile.

A back room has a giant table as the centerpiece. Shelves of yarn and books surround it, as well as more samples. It would be a nice, cozy place to take a class or have a knit-in.

Woolly Lamb is the sole local seller of Bergere yarns. If you haven’t felt the Bergere yarn, hurry over there to pet some. It is gloriously soft and I imagine it makes amazingly comfortable items. The Bergere pattern books are also fun and frivolous with some gorgeous garments and accessories. Brigitte carries many of them and she let us page through them all.

I give this local business a solid two thumbs up. The shop was the right blend of cozy and well-lit. There’s a wide assortment of yarn and accessories. The owner is friendly and personable. Even if you’re not a knitter, check out the store for inspiration. Maybe you will be a knitter by the time you leave!

-- Susie Kline