About Woolly Lamb Yarn Studio

Knitting has always been a part of Woolly Lamb Yarn Studio owner Brigitte Biver’s life.

Brigitte learned to knit, crochet and sew at the young age of eight, a requirement in the primary school of Arlingerschule, in Pforzheim, Germany. And although the samples hanging in the studio today were lovingly made by Brigitte, in the early years, knitting was the worst of all of her subjects! Uninterested in both knitting stockings and enduring the stern personality of her ‘old-fashioned’ knitting teacher, Brigitte reluctantly kept with knitting and created nearly twenty sweaters for herself by the time she was 18-years old.

Since her rocky start with needles and wool, Brigitte has embraced the knitting lifestyle and shares her love and knowledge of the craft with each and every customer that crosses the studio’s threshold. A fearless knitter herself, Brigitte has nurtured a group of beginner-level knitters from creating their first scarves to making complex garments in the six years since she opened the studio.

Brigitte is an exceptional teacher. She never loses her patience and will explain and show you how to do a stitch as many times as necessary until you know it!” – Eleanor, Evanston, IL

With classes ranging from Basic Beginners Knit and Crochet to Mastering Entrelac and Racy, Lacy Lingerie, The Woolly Lamb Yarn Studio offers Chicago-area yarn enthusiasts a variety of classes to enrich their skills and keep their projects diverse. Classes for children, minus the staunch German instructor of Brigitte’s youth, are also available.

Beyond offering extensive classes and an enviable in-store knowledge base, Brigitte stocks a variety of well-known yarns and is known locally for having the full line of MaggiKnits yarns and patterns. Patrons can find Bergere de France, Dream in Color, Lorna’s Laces, Cascade, Jade Sapphire, Berocco, Plymouth and Crystal Palace yarns among the amply-stocked bins in the studio. The Woolly Lamb also carries a variety of baby alpaca, basic worsteds, novelty yarns, fine Mongolian cashmere, Dill buttons and an endless supply of patterns, books and knitting accessories to suit both novice and advanced knitters.

The Woolly Lamb Yarn studio is located at 6007 N. Nina Avenue in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago.